About the project

This project aims to take the first steps towards a national multi-model infrastructure that facilitates integrated decision-making regarding the energy transition.

By creating systematic and transparent networks of interacting models and simulations, describing different system levels (i.e., individual, municipal, regional, and (inter)national), aspects (i.e., technical, economic, behavioural, spatial, etc.), and mutual interactions of the energy transition, this infrastructure provides a consistent, transparent and verifiable basis for decision-making.

This framework offers the possibility to bring together different communities of practice (modelers, energy experts, and decision-makers) and to learn from each other through structured social processes to manage the energy transition more effectively.

After the duration of this project, a framework for linking multi-models up to the stage of a “minimum viable product” will be developed and validated based on selected use cases. The project activities are performed using an Agile process classified under four main Work Packages (wp).