The Consortium

The two-year project (2021-2022) is spearheaded by a consortium of knowledge institutions, extensive modeling experts, and key stakeholders in the energy system within the framework of TVW, RES, and II3050. 

Another core aspect of the project is in building a Community of Practice (CoP), a social environment intended to foster the exchange of knowledge and expertise in modelling and the Energy Transition.


The long-term planning of the energy transition is only possible if those involved jointly arrive at an integral understanding of the system. 

To achieve this, access to transparent data, scenario spaces, technical models, as well as the interests and organisational preconditions of those involved needs to be known to generate the insights required for integral decision making.

Our Mission

The project aims to realise this through research, design and implementation of a  generic multi-model infrastructure that links existing energy models within an open technical platform designed and supported by a Community of Practice of modellers, decision makers and researchers to generate insights from transparent, repeatable, and verifiable interactions for decision-making about integrated energy systems. Read more…